Management Team

David McNasby David McNasby LinkedIn

CEO ThinkOptimal | Founder SkillsFirst

Dave McNasby, MD is CEO and founding member of, Inc., d.b.a. ThinkOptimal, and the Founder of SkillsFirst, the company’s new career learning platform and competencies marketplace. SkillsFirst follows the widely adopted OptimalResume Career & Talent Suite, used by more than 700 career centers and 3 million students since 2005 to improve career management skills and employment outcomes.

Under Dave’s leadership, OptimalResume has received numerous accolades including Most Recommended Career Planning Tool in U.S. Department of Labor's Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge, Reader’s Choice Award for Best Career Resource, and the NACE Chevron Award for Outstanding Achievement for Innovative Programs in the College Career Services Field.

Dave joined OptimalResume after honorably serving as a General Medical Officer in the United States Navy and graduating from Tufts University School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Highest Distinction.

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Todd Lempicke Todd Lempicke LinkedIn

Founder ThinkOptimal

Lifelong technology innovator, founding principal and the early-stage driving force behind, Inc. Conceived of and designed the software, wrote business plans and started the company. As president and chairman recruited and hired the initial executive management team and staff. Personally seed funded and supplied primary financial backing, leading the company through product concept to self-sustaining profitability.

Developed and grew the initial suite of product offerings and supplied content expertise accumulated over twenty-five years as an employment industry expert and recruiting firm owner.

Todd currently serves as ThinkOptimal’s Chairman and Corporate Advisor and is also a key content contributor to SkillsFirst. 

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Jill Swan Jill Swan LinkedIn

Vice President, Career Learning Solutions at ThinkOptimal

Jill is an enthusiastic and committed ambassador of the ThinkOptimal brands, having broadened the reach of the OptimalResume Career & Talent Suite to diverse organizations, ultimately benefiting job seekers and professionals spanning all career types and levels. A sales and operations director with years of experience in high growth organizations, Jill has brought a unique combination of skills to ThinkOptimal, successfully growing and developing the OptimalResume business through strong leadership, communication, and management skills. 

Jill has been an integral part of the fast-paced adoption of Optimal across North America, and is delighted that OptimalResume has reached the 2,000,000 End User mark, and growing. She was named Vice President, Career Learning Solutions in 2017.

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