ThinkOptimal Team

“We’re here to make sure your students and institution succeeds.”

David McNasby


David McNasby is CEO and founding member of OptimalResume, Inc., d.b.a. ThinkOptimal, a privately held technology firm in Cary, NC, that develops award-winning career technologies primarily for the education sector. David joined the company as Chief Operating Officer in 2004 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in November 2013.

David brings laser beam focus to the organization and to its core mission to help students develop lifelong career skills. In his first year as CEO, ThinkOptimal saw a 145% increase in profitability, and the company is now well positioned for future growth and success. Major strategic initiatives in 2014 included rebranding the OptimalResume Career & Talent Suite, forging multiple new strategic and technology partnerships, release of the OptimalResume developer website and several APIs, and the announcement of InterviewUp™, the company’s new interview success platform coming in the summer of 2015.

David thinks challenges give life meaning. He’d rather be climbing a mountain than coasting downhill. Today, higher education faces a number of significant challenges, especially the need to engage stakeholders and prepare students for the world of competency-based hiring. David has ThinkOptimal squarely focused on addressing these challenges now. He is privileged to work with an incredible team of smart, dedicated and passionate people.

Prior to ThinkOptimal, David attended Tufts University Medical School and served as a General Medical Officer in the United States Navy. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is an avid hiker, bird lover, and member of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

Todd Lempicke

President and Corporate Advisor

Developed the original idea behind in 2001 with the concept that resumes could better be conveyed as interactive websites. He has been a key contributor throughout the startup phase of ThinkOptimal and continues to be an owner and advisor. Todd is also a principal of The Hunter Group, an executive search firm and is a former senior executive with Credit Suisse First Boston and earlier, Citicorp. His positions have included VP and Director in the areas of marketing communications, software product development, quality assurance, sales and customer engineering. Todd holds degrees in marketing and business administration.

Jill Swan

Senior Director, Career Learning Solutions

Jill Swan began as a Sales Manager with OptimalResume in 2007, working diligently to bring the OptimalResume Career & Talent Suite to hundreds of institutions and organizations in higher education and workforce development.

A sales and operations director with years of experience in high growth organizations, Jill has brought a unique combination of skills to her role, successfully growing and developing the business through strong leadership, communication, and business management skills. An enthusiastic and committed ambassador of the brand, Jill has broadened the reach of OptimalResume to diverse organizations, ultimately benefiting job seekers and professionals spanning all career types and levels. She is an integral part of the fast-paced adoption of Optimal across North America, and is delighted that OptimalResume has reached the 2,000,000 End User mark, and growing. Jill was named Senior Director, Career Learning Solutions in 2014.

During the 1990’s, Jill worked in the music business, and enjoyed eight-plus years in sales and branch management at Caroline Distribution (a division of EMI Music at the time), where she was named Employee of the Year and contributed to exponential revenue growth during her tenure. Jill holds degrees in Business Administration and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. She and her family reside in Southwest Florida. Jill enjoys time with family and friends, days at the beach, baseball games, and fishing with her husband and son