OptimalResume Launches Developer Site and OptimalInterview™ API

Durham, N.C., March 25, 2014

Building on success and affirming its primary mission

OptimalResume today announced the release of the REST API for its OptimalInterview™ product now used by more than 350 organizations in education, workforce, business, and government. The API gives organizations and developers the ability to integrate OptimalInterview’s proprietary, pre-recorded interview questions and video coaching and to customize recording capabilities to deliver premium interview experiences for users.

“What makes the OptimalInterview™ API unique is specifically the depth and breadth of the video interview coaching,” said David McNasby, CEO of OptimalResume. “Our team of interview experts has worked extremely hard to create comprehensive, high-quality interview coaching for thousands of both general and occupation-specific interview questions.”

“In particular, we can help large organizations deliver expert interview coaching to a massive and diverse customer base,” he continued. “All interview content is professionally acted and produced, and most of the video content is HD 1080 P quality. Samples are available on the OptimalResume corporate website,” McNasby said.

Organizations can develop against the OptimalInterview™ API to surface custom interview or interview practice applications, including mobile interview or interview practice apps. Companies can use API to screen candidates, foster internal mobility, or augment professional development services, while education institutions, workforce boards, and staffing firms may focus more on interview coaching applications to groom candidates and improve placement outcomes.

“Many of our customers today need to provide fully integrated, fully branded career solutions or mobile career solutions,” said David McNasby, CEO of OptimalResume. “Our new API platform will enable our technology partners to do just that. We’re very excited about the potential of our career APIs for partners.”

For more information on the OptimalInterview™ API or the OptimalResume Technology Partner Program, please contact us at (877) 998-7654 or info@thinkoptimal.com.

About ThinkOptimal

ThinkOptimal is the premier provider of innovative career technology solutions for organizations and individuals. Since 2005, we’ve helped more than 700 organizations and 2.5 million individuals achieve career success. Our core assets include solutions for resumes and cover letters, video interviewing and coaching, portfolios and professional websites, job postings and candidate screening, video resumes, introductions, and pitches, and more. Operating through OptimalResume, InterviewUp, and MyOptimalCareer, ThinkOptimal is headquartered in Cary, NC. ThinkOptimal™, InterviewUp™ MyOptimalCareer™, OptimalResume™, and OptimalResume.com™ are registered trademarks of OptimalResume.com, Inc. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2004-2016 OptimalResume.com, Inc.

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