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New technology partner program helps organizations offer exciting, value-added career solutions

OptimalResume today announced the release of the REST API for its OptimalInterview™ product now used by more than 350 organizations in education, workforce, business, and government. The API gives organizations and developers the ability to integrate OptimalInterview’s proprietary, pre-recorded interview questions and video coaching and to customize recording capabilities to deliver premium interview experiences for users.

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The first fully customizable, enterprise-wide interview practice solution

ThinkOptimal today announced the release of OptimalInterview PRO™, the professional version of its popular interview practice product now used at more than five hundred secondary and higher education institutions and workforce boards. OptimalInterview PRO gives organizations the ability to record their own practice interview questions and web-based coaching, providing unlimited flexibility for career centers that assist diverse job seeker audiences.

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ThinkOptimal Launches MyOptimalCareer

Durham, N.C., January 29, 2013

A total solution to help individual job-seekers advance their careers

ThinkOptimal today announced the launch of MyOptimalCareer, the industry's most comprehensive suite of tools to help individual job-seekers market themselves and manage all phases of the job-search process. MyOptimalCareer delivers in one package everything job seekers need including a Resume Builder with resume samples, a Cover Letter Builder with sample letters, an Interview Practice Module complete with interview tips and interview questions as well as advanced tools for building online work product portfolios and customized personal websites.

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Durham, N.C., December 26, 2012

Building on success and affirming its primary mission, a leading provider of career solution tools, today announced that the company would change its corporate name to ThinkOptimal to reflect its expanding product line. "We are extremely proud of the success that we have earned in serving the needs of career service offices at over 500 higher education institutions. And we remain fully committed to continuing to meet the evolving needs of those institutions" noted Mark McNasby, ThinkOptimal's CEO. "But our product portfolio has grown from a single Resume Builder to a full suite of powerful career tools that complement all phases of the job search process. We believe that our corporate name should reflect the breadth and depth of these award-winning offerings. In addition, we see new opportunities in adjacent markets to help job seekers of all ages realize career success. Our pipeline of product innovations continues to grow as we seek to strengthen our existing client relationships. 2013 promises to be a year of significant product advances. Now is the opportune time to make this name change as we position ourselves for continued growth."

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